Siberian Wolf Vodka-Vodka Bottle by Gj Packaging

Gj Packaging Presents The Siberian Wolf Vodka Vodka Bottle

GJ PACKAGING, the designer of the displayed project Award Winning Siberian Wolf Vodka Vodka Bottle explains, We designed an exclusive bottle for this brand and designed by us. The goal was to create a modern cosmopolitan brand that would appeal to a <Cropped>

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Hustle Hub-Youth Housing Design Competition %u201819: Russia

With Most of The Young Population Working Today to Acquire Basic Security of Livelihood and Not Investing On Their Lives For The Long Term (depreciating Because of The ‘grind’) Due to Various Social Stigmas Associated With Not Owning a Home; Create Th

With most of the young population working today to acquire basic security of livelihood and not investing on their lives for the long term (depreciating because of the ‘grind’) due to various social stigmas associated with not owning a home; crea <Cropped>

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Book by Jiayi Lu and Han Liu

Jiayi Lu and Han Liu Discloses The 3rd Art Festival, Bfsu Book

Jiayi Lu and Han Liu, the author of the awarded project Book:3rd Art Festival, BFSU by Jiayi Lu and Han Liu explains, The book is a Collection of Painting & Calligraphy of the 3rd Art Festival, BFSU. The art style of the school's students is <Cropped>

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Devesh Pratyay's Tama Restaurant

Devesh Pratyay Demonstrates The Tama Restaurant

Devesh Pratyay, the architect of the displayed project Tama - Restaurant by Devesh Pratyay explicates, Tama, stands as a puritan’s delight. Tama means copper in an Indian dialect, which has been thoroughly used here in color and spirit of copper wh <Cropped>

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Calendar Controlled Lamp:datelite by Cody Moore

Cody Moore Demonstrates The Datelite Calendar Controlled Lamp

Cody Moore, the designer of the displayed design Calendar Controlled Lamp by Cody Moore explains, Datelite subtly and effectively reminds you of memorable moments through the manipulation of light. Every day the lamp remains on, casting a glow onto <Cropped>

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The Symbiotic Towers-Mixed Use Development by Zayad Motlib

Zayad Motlib Illustrates The The Symbiotic Towers Mixed Use Development

Zayad Motlib, the lead designer of the awarded project Zayad Motlib's The Symbiotic Towers Mixed Use Development spells out, Inspired by the formation of a voronoi pattern as found in natural systems, the proposal seeks to integrate contextual e <Cropped>

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Mib by Bonnelycke Mdd

Bonnelycke Mdd Discloses The Mib Lamp Series

Bonnelycke mdd , the thinktank behind the highlighted project Mib - Lamp series by Bonnelycke mdd demonstrates, Often, the simple expression is the most difficult to achieve. The MIB series is a demonstration in the ability to strip away excess and y <Cropped>

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Table Lamp by Tiago Curioni

Tiago Curioni Designs The Bubble Table Lamp

Tiago Curioni, the designer of the awarded project Table Lamp:Bubble by Tiago Curioni says, Bubble is a minimalistic table lamp, designed to be interactive with the user. Executed with a sphere carved from a block of marble found in the state of Espi <Cropped>

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Scultura-Lampada by Ana Maria Reque

Ana Maria Reque Shares The Luce Scultura-Lampada

Ana Maria Reque, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Award Winning LUCE Scultura-Lampada illustrates, opera : “Luce” (2015) Model N° VE2015O000008 Exhibition : EXPO Milan 2015 Pavilion CCUP China August to October 2015 -Art Monaco-Montecar <Cropped>

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Sugar Packaging by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Springetts Brand Design Consultants Exhibits The Enjoy Sugar Packaging

Springetts Brand Design Consultants, the creative mind behind the award winning project Enjoy - Sugar packaging by Springetts Brand Design Consultants says, The brief from Silver Spoon was to create a new brand for people wanting to reduce their suga <Cropped>

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