Residential Hospitality Space:surrounded by Junfu Interior Design

Junfu Interior Design Designs The Surrounded Residential Hospitality Space

JunFu Interior Design, the project leader of the award winning project Award Winning Surrounded Residential Hospitality Space says, "To see a thousand miles, to climb higher" said by Wang Zhizhi, a Chinese poet in Tang Dynasty.This design i <Cropped>

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Farmrise by Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio Shows The Farmrise Mobile Application

Lollypop Design Studio, the thinktank behind the awarded design Mobile Application:Farmrise by Lollypop Design Studio demonstrates, More than 85% of the farmers own farmlands below 2 hectares and have zero access to educational, scientific informatio <Cropped>

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Alliance One International by Davut Tambahar & Cigdem Tambahar

Davut Tambahar & Cigdem Tambahar Designs The Alliance One International Office Building

Davut Tambahar & Cigdem Tambahar, the architect of the displayed project Office Building by Davut Tambahar & Cigdem Tambahar illustrates, At the begining needs were unlimited. whole team try to manage the best to fulfill the task. At the en <Cropped>

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Logo by Shadi Al Hroub

Shadi Al Hroub Shows The Saj Logo

Shadi Al Hroub, the designer of the displayed work Logo:Saj by Shadi Al Hroub illustrates, Saj is an ancient Arabic name means wood used in shipbuilding. The concept explores the symbolism and history and their association to the cultural relevance. <Cropped>

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Carparelli's Classico Sh1 Musical Instrument

Carparelli Reveals The Classico Sh1 Musical Instrument

Carparelli, the maker of the awarded design Musical Instrument by Carparelli demonstrates, Comfort, Beauty, Eloquent Expression! The Carparelli Classico SH1 encapsulates the senses while radiating any room on any wall or guitar stand. Longing to be c <Cropped>

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Magna Carta Anniversary Playing Card Set by Alexander Chin

Alexander Chin Spotlights The Magna Carta Anniversary Playing Card Set Playing Cards

Alexander Chin, the maker of the displayed design Playing Cards by Alexander Chin illustrates, This limited edition card set commemorates the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta featuring a black and white deck series framed around the tension betwe <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Adjustable Lamp

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Adjustable Lamp

The project leader of the displayed work Award Winning ADJUSTABLE LAMP spells out, Our lamps responds to specific needs, being at the same time versatile and interactive as well as going far beyond the switch on/switch off routine. These lamps lend t <Cropped>

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Hotel Apartment:wuhan Greenland Hotel Apartment by Ccd-Cheng Chung Design

Ccd-Cheng Chung Design Demonstrates The Wuhan Greenland Hotel Apartment Hotel Apartment

CCD - Cheng Chung Design, the creative mind behind the award winning work CCD - Cheng Chung Design's Wuhan Greenland Hotel Apartment Hotel Apartment spells out, The cities in central China are often entrusted with the mission to conduct dialogue <Cropped>

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Ekin-Safe City Technologies's Ekin Spotter Surveillance and Enforcement System

Ekin-Safe City Technologies Shows The Ekin Spotter Surveillance and Enforcement System

Ekin - Safe City Technologies, the maker of the highlighted design Ekin Spotter - Surveillance and Enforcement System by Ekin - Safe City Technologies points out, Ekin Spotter is the first and only totally modular smart city furniture that satisfies <Cropped>

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High Flow-Medical Devices by Yu Tan and Shaochun Chen

Yu Tan and Shaochun Chen Shows The High Flow Medical Devices

Yu Tan and Shaochun Chen, the creator of the displayed design High Flow - Medical Devices by Yu Tan and Shaochun Chen explicates, HiFent nasal high flow, provide higher flow rate than conventional oxygen treatment by touch screen during high flow oxy <Cropped>

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