Awanama-Sake-Japanese Rice Wine by Ryuta Ishikawa

Ryuta Ishikawa Portrays The Awanama Sake-Japanese Rice Wine

Ryuta Ishikawa, the creator of the award winning design Sake - Japanese Rice Wine by Ryuta Ishikawa illustrates, Unrefined sake is not widely known abroad. Awanawa's mission is to provide genuine sake to people all over the world in a whole new <Cropped>

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Clubhouse by David Chang

David Chang Creates The Private Courtyard Clubhouse Clubhouse

David Chang, the creator of the highlighted work David Chang's Private Courtyard Clubhouse Clubhouse illustrates, The Private Country Club, located at 9 Dingzhang Lane in the Xichen District of Beijing, resides in a building that has inherited t <Cropped>

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Award Winning Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water

Studio H Spotlights The Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water

Studio h, the maker of the awarded design Svalbardi by Studio h illustrates, Svalbardi is harvested from icebergs freshly calved off glaciers in the remote Polar region of the Svalbard archipelago, 1000 kilometres from the North Pole. The pristine i <Cropped>

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Smart Luggage by Frederic Gooris

Frederic Gooris Shows The Escape Smart Luggage

Frederic Gooris, the designer of the award winning work Smart Luggage by Frederic Gooris explains, ROLLOGO is the brand for the new wave of tech-savvy travelers, inspired by a unification of intelligence and simplicity. Belgian designer Frederic Goor <Cropped>

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Backpack:lone and Eylone by Koralia Giori

Koralia Giori Discloses The Lone and Eylone Backpack

Koralia Giori, the architect of the awarded project Backpack by Koralia Giori explains, It’s okay to be bold. If you’re ready to make a statement with the bag that you carry, look no further than qroll’s backpack styles, the lone and eylone. Th <Cropped>

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Existence Design Co., Ltd's Miss Seesaw Health Supplements For Woman

Existence Design Co., Ltd Spotlights The Miss Seesaw Health Supplements For Woman

Existence Design Co., Ltd, the project leader of the award winning work Miss Seesaw by Existence Design Co., Ltd explicates, The logo of MS presents the original intention of looking after and caring for female consumers. MS is designed by combining <Cropped>

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Logotype Setma-Logotype by Mateus Matos Montenegro

Mateus Matos Montenegro Exhibits The Logotype Setma Logotype

Mateus Matos Montenegro, the thinktank behind the awarded work Award Winning Logotype SETMA Logotype points out, The SETMA, Municipal’s Tourism and Environment Secretariat of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, brand represents the harmonious landscape and nat <Cropped>

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Hootan Hamedani's Bosscat Bar & Restaurant

Hootan Hamedani Presents The Bosscat Bar & Restaurant

Hootan Hamedani, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Hootan Hamedani's Bosscat Bar & Restaurant illustrates, Being located in the heart of a busy city, Bosscat intended to invite people to a unique grange scene. It envisioned to <Cropped>

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Qi, Pronounced 'chi' by Hjc Design

Hjc Design Shows The Qi, Pronounced 'chi' Disposable Self-heating Baby Bottle

HJC Design, the designer of the awarded design Qi, pronounced 'Chi' by HJC Design demonstrates, Qi, pronounced ‘Chi’, is a unique and elegant self-heating disposable baby bottle, designed by HJC Design to provide a thoughtful and practi <Cropped>

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Boundless by Peng-Hsu Chen

Peng-Hsu Chen Designs The Boundless Interior Design For Community

Peng-Hsu Chen, the designer of the awarded work Interior Design for Community by Peng-Hsu Chen illustrates, Boundless –where humanities meet community The site is a mixed use apartment building situated in the famous philosophical neighborhood in T <Cropped>

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