Slant-Bookcase by Kemal Yildirim

Kemal Yildirim Designs The Slant Bookcase

Kemal Yildirim, the creative mind behind the awarded design SLant - Bookcase by Kemal Yildirim illustrates, Alternative designs can be composed by using different colors and textures on all the parts of the slant bookcase. Thanks to the different des <Cropped>

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Award Winning 01: Dimensioning Instrument Capture Contours & Dimensions of Objects

Instrumments Inc. Exhibits The 01: Dimensioning Instrument Capture Contours & Dimensions of Objects

InstruMMents Inc., the designer of the award winning design Capture contours & dimensions of objects by InstruMMents Inc. spells out, 01 is world’s first dimensioning instrument. Carved in aluminum, and contained within a pen, pencil or stylus, <Cropped>

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Core by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Core Tooth Brush

The project leader of the highlighted work Tooth Brush by Acclaimed Designer points out, CORE is a design that synthesises the whole process of daily oral care. The toothbrush is provided with a reservoir layer of silicone inside which is a gel tooth <Cropped>

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Diva by Daniel Mato

Daniel Mato Creates The Diva Pendant Lamp

Daniel Mato, the designer of the highlighted project Diva by Daniel Mato explicates, The designer of this pendant was inspired by modern statuary, natural phenomena and contemporary architecture. The shape of the lamp is defined by the anodized alumi <Cropped>

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Lab.14 Art Contest

The Competition Provides For The Selection of 12 Finalists Which Will Exhibit Their Works During The Final Exhibition of The Contest, That Will Be Held in Venice, At Imagoars Gallery, in Early 2020. Among Them Will Be Chosen 4 Winners of Assigned Prizes.l

The competition provides for the selection of 12 finalists which will exhibit their works during the final exhibition of the contest, that will be held in venice, at imagoars gallery, in early 2020. among them will be chosen 4 winners of assigned pri <Cropped>

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Pedro and Marta Ferreira 's Fire Ring Fire Fighting Equipment

Pedro and Marta Ferreira Shares The Fire Ring Fire Fighting Equipment

Pedro and Marta Ferreira , the thinktank behind the award winning project Fire Ring by Pedro and Marta Ferreira demonstrates, The Fire Ring reel was developed with the most exquisite and delicate spaces in mind, where design quality is the main focus <Cropped>

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Award Winning Mastodonts Toy

Pablo Saracho Exhibits The Mastodonts Toy

Pablo Saracho, the creative mind behind the displayed project Mastodonts by Pablo Saracho demonstrates, At wodibow they believe that toys can mix design with being 100% natural. Mastodonts is a family of wooden magnetic animals inspired in architectu <Cropped>

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70s-Table by Cristian Sporzon

Cristian Sporzon Exhibits The 70s Table

Cristian Sporzon, the architect of the awarded work Table by Cristian Sporzon spells out, 70s was born from the admixture of the principle of deconstruction architecture, cubism and the 70s style. 70s table idea links to deconstructionism, where you <Cropped>

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Timepiece:m1 Timepiece by Zach Raven-Rvndsgn

Zach Raven-Rvndsgn Spotlights The M1 Timepiece Timepiece

Zach Raven - RVNDSGN, the maker of the displayed design Timepiece:M1 Timepiece by Zach Raven - RVNDSGN points out, The M1 timepiece uses innovative dual-layered discs which are located directly under the back-painted sapphire crystal to display time <Cropped>

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Poster Design by Si Li

Si Li Discloses The We Were Born in China Poster Design

Si Li, the lead designer of the highlighted work We Were Born in China - Poster Design by Si Li points out, His designs are about Chinese wildlife, pandas, snow leopards and golden monkeys. They have deep Chinese symbols, precious and unique, living <Cropped>

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