Exhibition:pepsi Metlife Stadium by Pepsico Design & Innovation, Pentagram

Pepsico Design & Innovation, Pentagram Designs The Pepsi Metlife Stadium Exhibition

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Pentagram, the author of the highlighted work Exhibition by PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Pentagram illustrates, As Super Bowl XLVIII came to the New York area in 2013, Pepsi aimed to give fans a grand entrance i <Cropped>

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Memory: Regathering Syria

War Is The Most Serious Reason For Causing The Damage to Both Artificial and Natural Landscape. Syria, One of The Oldest Civilizations in The World Is Entering It’s Another Year of Debilitating Violence At a Moment of Geopolitical Flux. a Huge Deficit

War is the most serious reason for causing the damage to both artificial and natural landscape. syria, one of the oldest civilizations in the world is entering it’s another year of debilitating violence at a moment of geopolitical flux. a huge de <Cropped>

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Amur Tiger by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Amur Tiger Vodka Bottle

The creator of the awarded work Amur Tiger by Acclaimed Designer explicates, This is an unique glass bottle for a premium vodka. Our client asked us for a totally different approach to de vodka packaging panorama. He wanted something special, differe <Cropped>

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Installation:triple Reuse by Hk Trade Development Council

Hk Trade Development Council Shares The Triple Reuse Installation

HK Trade Development Council, the maker of the highlighted work Award Winning Triple Reuse Installation spells out, In April 2016, 3 trade fairs opened in succession and a series of welcome installations were required to mark the entrance of the venu <Cropped>

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Award Winning Hotel Ease Hotel

Artta Concept Studio Spotlights The Hotel Ease Hotel

ARTTA Concept Studio, the architect of the awarded design hotel:Hotel Ease by ARTTA Concept Studio spells out, Hotel Ease is highly inspired by the Art Deco of New York City in the 1920s. The Hotel uses a combination of geometric and simple lines to <Cropped>

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Shawn Ewbank-Fisher Studio Contemporary Building

At Design Interviews

Interview with Shawn Ewbank : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Shawn Ewbank : This project was inspired by the client, Gary Fisher, who is a painter working in the style of abstract expressionism. Fo <Cropped>

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Indoor Bicycle Storing:berlin Bicycle Rack by Adrian Bogdan

Adrian Bogdan Shows The Berlin Bicycle Rack Indoor Bicycle Storing

Adrian Bogdan, the author of the awarded design Adrian Bogdan's Berlin Bicycle Rack Indoor bicycle storing explicates, Inspired by nordic design, the BERLIN bicycle rack was created as a multipurpose indoor storing solution for small space inter <Cropped>

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Marine Binocular Packaging by Jessie Woo Fernandez-Sicicom

Jessie Woo Fernandez-Sicicom Demonstrates The Boom-Mer-Rang Marine Binocular Packaging

Jessie Woo Fernandez - Sicicom, the thinktank behind the displayed design Marine Binocular Packaging by Jessie Woo Fernandez - Sicicom explains, As a mutuelle packing for a marine product of two significative colours, the Boom-mer-rang design mainly <Cropped>

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Daniel Cantwell-Swift Logistics Animation

At Design Interviews

Interview with Daniel Cantwell : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Daniel Cantwell : The brief for this project was to create a short animation for a logistics company. The animation shows some of the <Cropped>

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Chang Ge Ktv by Thomas Tse

Thomas Tse Illustrates The Chang Ge Ktv

Thomas Tse, the creator of the awarded project Thomas Tse's Chang Ge KTV - explicates, Rubik's Cube, the designers focused more on the "magic" rather than "shape". Case Rubik's Cube as a design concept, will be the <Cropped>

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